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What is WorkTime Corporate

WorkTime Employee Monitoring Software WorkTime Corporate is an on-premises edition of WorkTime product.
It is designed to monitor employees, computers, and software use in a corporate environment.
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WorkTime Corporate is installed on the client’s (your) servers/computers.
All monitored data is kept on your computers only, WorkTime does not send anything outside.
WorkTime successfully monitors 1-15,000+ computer sites.

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Licensing & Fees

1. WorkTime Corporate is licensed per minimum of users and computers or per Terminal/Citrix server.
2. System components (WorkTime Database, WorkTime Server and WorkTime Administrator) are included at no charge.
3. The license fee is one-time fee, you buy it and you own it. It includes one year of technical support, one year of upgrades to all new versions and 1 year of discounted prices. The license does not expire. Note: we do not keep the history of old versions.
4. Free offer for growing teams & businesses: WorkTime Corporate is free employee and computer monitoring software for up to 3 employees/computers.
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Technical Specifications


Operating System: All Windows Server versions, all Windows versions, Mac
Remote Desktop Services (RDS): Windows Terminal Services, Terminal Server, All Versions of Citrix Server, including: Citrix XenApp Citrix MetaFrame Server, Citrix Presentation Server
Database: MS SQL Server, Firebird open-source database
For Virtual Environment

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System Components

WorkTime Server receives monitoring data from WorkTime Client applications and saves it into the database. WorkTime Server must be always running either on a dedicated server or on any computer in your network. WorkTime Server can run as a process or as a service.
WorkTime Administrator is used to setup the whole system, to create WorkTime Client installation and to generate reports (manually or by schedule).
WorkTime Client provides automatic invisible computer monitoring. WorkTime Client runs on each computer to be monitored (on each employee computer or on each Terminal/Citrix server) and is invisible to the user.
Database stores monitoring results. Supported databases are Firebird database (open-source) and MS SQL Server.

What is Recorded

WorkTime Corporate is intended for pure performance monitoring only.
WorkTime Corporate does not support any spying functionality that might infringe on employees’ privacy.

WorkTime Corporate Records:
– Employee system login name
– Computer name
– Websites/URLs
– Software (name and executable path)
– Documents
– Login/logoff times
– Active/idle times
– Time of each of the above activity (when and for how long)

WorkTime Corporate Does NOT Record:
– Keystrokes
– Passwords
– Emails, chats, documents content
– Screens content

System & Data Location

– WorkTime Corporate components are installed on the customer’s computers/servers.
– All information recorded by WorkTime Corporate is located on the customer’s computers/servers strictly. WorkTime does not send any information outside of the company’s location.

Reliability & Performance

– WorkTime Corporate system successfully operates on sites from 1 to more than 15,000 computers.
– The system is designed to process large volumes of information.
– The system is designed to use very little system resources (CPU, memory and network).
– Multi level data protection insures data safety in the case of any network or hardware failure.
– Database scheduled backup is available.


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