Tech specs

Product WorkTime Corporate WorkTime Cloud
Description On-premises software system for employee productivity monitoring. Cloud-based employee monitoring service. The service is hosted on NesterSoft Inc. servers.
For Companies Companies/Individuals
Size 1-15,000+ Employees/Computers 1-15,000+ Employees/Computers
Task Employee Productivity Monitoring In-Office & Remote Employee Monitoring
Compatibility Windows, Terminal/Citrix Server, Mac Windows, Terminal/Citrix Server, Mac
Location On-Premises Web, Cloud
Technology Client-Server Software Web-based Cloud Service
Fee One-Time Fee Monthly or Annual
License Does Not Expire, 1 Year of Tech Support, Updates Switch or Cancel Any Time
Evaluation FREE, Fully-Featured, 30 Days FREE, Fully-Featured, 30 Days
Cost $59.99 – $13.99 per Employee; or $599.95 per Citrix/Terminal, Server, FREE for up to 3 Employees (limited reports) $4.99 per Employee per Month, Annual Discounts, FREE for up to 3 Employees (limited reports)

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