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1. $4.99 per employee / per month; annual discounts: Check Prices
2. Switch or cancel at any time, no long term commitment.
3. Add/remove monitored employees at any time.
4. FREE for growing teams & businesses: WorkTime Cloud is free employee monitoring software for up to 3 employees.

Best prices employee computer monitoring service WorkTime

Cloud Attendance Monitoring

WorkTime Monitors

Idle/Active Times
Internet Use
Web-sites Visited
Software Use
Computer Use
In-Office & Remote Employees
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Relaxing Simplicity

Yes… monitoring was never this easy!
No need to be an IT pro, no need to setup anything.
Just begin and we take care of the rest for you!
So you can simply relax…

Simple easy employee computer monitoring service

The best employee computer monitoring cloud service

Incredible Power

Do you want to monitor 1, 10, 50 or… 15,000+ employees?
WorkTime is designed for it!
Successfully field proven for years.
Your powerful employee monitoring assistance!
Plenty of reports, comprehensive information, accessible from the web.

Monitoring Remote Employees?

Stay informed about your remote employees performance.
Monitor your remote employees just in one click
directly from your browser on your desktop, laptop, phone.

Remote employee monitoring cloud-based service

Web-based employee computer monitoring service

Often out of the office?
Take it with You!

Monitor your employees on-the-go!
Wherever you are, employee performance reports are ready for you
right in your browser on any other electronic device.

Monitor Hidden or
Let Your Employees Choose

WorkTime is designed to monitor hidden or
you can grant access to your employees so
they can choose when to be monitored!

Hidden transparent employee monitoring service

How To

Monitor In-Office Employees

To monitor your in-office employees simply create WorkTime Cloud account, run the monitoring agent on every office computer, watch reports in your web-browser.

Monitor Home Computer

To monitor your home computer you just need to create WorkTime Cloud account, run WorkTime monitoring agent on your home computer, and watch reports in your web-browser. Monitoring agent runs hidden by default.

Monitor Remote Employees

To monitor your remote employees, create WorkTime Cloud account, let your remote employees run the monitoring agent on their computers, watch reports in your web-browser. Monitoring agent can run hidden or it can display the user controlled interface, so your employees can start and stop monitoring at their own choice. WorkTime Cloud monitoring is a very transparent process and here is the information for your employees: WorkTime Cloud Monitoring Employee Handbook. This handbook explains what exactly is being recorded and what is not; what data is displayed in WorkTime Cloud reports.

What is WorkTime Cloud

WorkTime Cloud is a web-based employee & computer monitoring software as a service when all monitoring results are stored on the NesterSoft Inc. servers (in cloud). You do not need to be an IT pro to use WorkTime Cloud monitoring. You do not have to worry about installing and maintaining WorkTime – we do it for you. To start monitoring just run WorkTime Cloud monitoring agent (a simple executable) on any computer to monitor and then you simply watch reports in the Web, from any electronic device (your desktop, laptop, phone etc.) right from your favorite browser.
Monitoring Agent: WorkTime Cloud monitoring agent can run invisibly to the employee or it can be user controlled at your choice.
More about WorkTime monitoring features:

Benefits of Using WorkTime Cloud Employee Monitoring Service


WorkTime Cloud web-based employee monitoring is very easy to use:
1. Sign up for a service
2. Download & run a little monitoring agent
3. Watch reports!
We take care of all your employee monitoring processes and data (all technical IT work, like setting up your database, data maintenance, backups and so on is on us). You do not need to be an IT pro to use WorkTime Cloud. Easy!


Because WorkTime Cloud is a web-based service, you can watch your employees’ productivity reports from any browser, any mobile device, laptop or desktop. Your employee monitoring reports always are with you when you need them. WorkTime Cloud is an excellent service to monitor your office computers when out of the office; to also monitor your travelling and remote employees.

Powerful Functionality

WorkTime Cloud is a very powerful employee monitoring system. It offers lots of very well organized monitoring reports and can serve offices with 1-15,500+ employees/computers. With the monitoring data offered by WorkTime you can see how your company’s computers are being used, how your employees spend their working days, what websites are being used, when your resources are being used actively and when they are idle.

FREE to Use for Small Teams

WorkTime Cloud is FREE employee monitoring service for small teams. If you need to monitor up to 3 employees/computers you can choose to use our FREE offer. WorkTime Cloud is free to use for 3 employees/computers.


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